White Rock Lake. Photography by Renee Umsted.

The biggest safety problems over the past couple months at White Rock Lake have been burglaries and catalytic converter theft.

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A Dallas police officer briefed the White Rock Lake Task Force at Winfrey Point on recent occurrences at the lake.

The most common crime issue there is burglary of motor vehicles. Placing a blanket over items in a vehicle while parked at the lake is not an effective way to hide them, the officer said. Burglars watch park users do this.

There have been a few incidences of catalytic converter theft at the lake, the officer said. Vehicles most often targeted are trucks or SUVs that sit high and are easy to crawl under, as well as foreign-made cars.

The officer also talked briefly about the bodies found at the lake. In all of the cases, the officer said, there was no evidence of a crime. The most recent incident was in May.

There was also no sign of a crime connected to the case of Roxane Reza, the nurse who went missing and was later reported safe.