Pistachio Baklava, via BigDash on Facebook

Yelp just released its 2022 list of best places to eat in Texas, and BigDash in Richardson is on it.

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BigDash Ice Cream and Pastries took the 57th spot. The shop is known for its Arabic desserts, like ice cream that stretches, Turkish baklava and coconut harissa and crated kinafa.

According to the Yelp summary, the kinafa is a favorite among Yelp users.

“In addition to stretchy ice cream, their expertly crafted kinafa earns Yelper love, which is made of crispy phyllo dough with sweet cheese and pistachios topped with syrup.”

BigDash currently has two locations, including one in Frisco. The Richardson location, not too far from Lake Highlands, is located at 717 Lingco Dr #210.