BigDash Ice Cream and Pastries, the Middle Eastern eatery, is moving to a new location soon.

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The current main location is at 717 Lingco Dr #210, but the shop will be moving to the southwestern corner of Centennial Boulevard and South Greenville Avenue. It’s a more visible area.

A sign hangs outside the new building advertising that it will open soon, and a few men are working the upper construction details outside.

I asked both the man supervising the other men working outside and a clerk at the original BigDash about the opening date. It will be open in about a month or two.

BigDash, owned by Syrian immigrants, has a wide range of sweets and ice cream flavors. I checked out the vanilla and chocolate cake rolls.

The menu includes different kinds of baklava, hareesa, osmalia, Arabic ice cream, custard, pudding, cakes, coffee and more.