Whether it’s the bursting sensation of popping pearls or the chewy feel of tapioca boba balls, bubble tea is a fun drink. It even has a national day coming up this Saturday, April 30. What a way to close out the month.

Did you know the sweet drink first started gaining traction in the 1980s in Taiwan before finding its way to America in the 1990s?

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Here are some local shops to consider checking out for bubble tea. Most are located in Lake Highlands.

Craft Boba photo by Kathy Tran

Squishies at 9850 Walnut Hill Lane

Gong Cha Dallas at 11613 N Central Expressway #106

Royal I.T. Cafe at 9100 N Central Expressway

Craft Boba Tea at 6105 Greenville Avenue

Panda Tea at 5521 Greenville Avenue #108

Happy Lemon at 169 N. Plano Road

Fat Straws at 11810 Preston Road #150

Let me know if there are any I missed. I’ll add them.