Claire Fagin’s exhibit at the Shops at Park Lane. Photo courtesy of Northwood Retail.

Work by an artist who has worked with Kate Hudson and Olivia Rodrigo is on display at the Shops at Park Lane.

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Claire Fagin, who was born in Dallas and is now based in Los Angeles, designed the immersive floral experience, “Floraison.” It’s available through May 15 and was just finalized last weekend.

It took about 500 floral pieces and more than 150 hours to create the installation.

“The inspiration was the beauty of spring,” Fagin said in a statement. “I am a huge lover of colors, namely bright colors and pastels, and spring is the perfect inspiration for that. I think that both Mother’s Day and Easter are times of celebrating new life and abundance, so it was a no brainer to use lots of soft, airy, eye-catching hues.”

In addition to working with Rodrigo, Hudson, Tame Impala, Ke$ha and more, Fagin has designed for Puma, Resolve Beauty and Dahlia Tequila.

Claire Fagin. Photo courtesy of Northwood Retail.