Amazon Twitch “We’ve Got Company”

Among the Lake Highlands natives and friends making news this season is former neighborhood dweller Marc Rebillet, Loop Daddy to fans. He’s hosting a new biweekly show on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel.

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Titled We’ve Got Company, the program will feature special guests and improvised performances, which are Loop Daddy’s specialty.

Described by Rebillet in an announcement as “a talk show inside of sitcom,” the first episode of We’ve Got Company features producer and rapper Flying Lotus for “deep chats, delicious snacks and the gaming setup of every kid’s dreams.”

Shows reportedly will have the nostalgic stylistic feel of classic network TV, reveling in tropes, set inside a “sitcom house.”

In the typical over-the-top absurd fashion that makes our hometown hero so lovable, Rebillet’s public statement warns that he “will be very upset” if we don’t watch the show.

“I mean, I will throw a complete fit. I’m going to start hurling objects and screaming at dogs and small children if you don’t watch,” he says.

Don’t get it? This colorful ad starring a slow-motion DJ modeling various bathrobes will explain everything:

Watch Wednesdays at 6 p.m. PT — that’s 8 here in Lake Highlands — on