White Rock Lake on March 5, 2022. Photo by Renee Umsted.

The Dallas Police Department reported two aggravated assaults at White Rock Lake in February.

The first occurred during the evening of Feb. 15 near 600 E. Lawther Drive. A car veered toward a runner, who threw a water bottle toward the car in the process of avoiding behind hit. The driver then chased the runner and threatened to shoot the runner.

On Feb. 22, there was another aggravated assault at 2100 Winsted Drive, but the police believe the physical assault was related to a family conflict, not a random attack.

There were no aggravated assaults reported at White Rock Lake in January.

Officer Allison Brockford spoke about other crimes at the March 8 White Rock Lake Task Force meeting. There were 10 burglaries of a motor vehicle reported between Feb. 10 and March 5, and they occurred all over: 7100 Williamson Road, 8000 E. Mockingbird Lane, 2121 Winsted Drive, two at 3440 W. Lawther Drive, 4700 W. Lawther Drive, 3411 W. Lawther Drive, 519 E. Lawther Drive, 3240 W. Lawther Drive and 553 E. Lawther Drive.

This is an uptick since the beginning of the year. Six burglaries of a motor vehicle were reported around White Rock Lake during January 2022.

Brockford urged neighbors and park users to avoid leaving any items or bags in their vehicles, even if it’s trash.

There was one animal attack in February, but there was no malice intended. Brockford said the dog was on a leash but overpowered its owner and bit a runner.