Adam McGough with Kathy Stewart, Shy Amos. Courtesy D10 office.

Five women of the Dallas City Council recently hosted a luncheon to celebrate Women’s History Month and recognize women in our city for outstanding performance in five categories: business, civic engagement, public service, arts & culture and philanthropy.

They honored the following Lake Highlands leaders (the ones with links, we’ve featured in the magazine; the others, we are coming for you, wink):

Brianna Castillo

Vicky Taylor

Kathy Stewart (who, here, tackles the tough job of explaining what’s a PID)

Shy Amos

Renee Day

District 10 Councilmember Adam McGough says it was an honor to recognize his female colleagues “and so many influential women leaders in D10 and across our city to kick off Women’s History Month.”

“Like the five serving Dallas now on council and Kathy Stewart, Shy Amos, Edna Pemberton, Vicky Taylor, Brianna Castillo, Renee Day, Jennifer Staubach Gates, Dianne Gibson and so many more are powerful forces who devote their time, treasure and talent to service … They deserve to be celebrated today and every day for their infinite contributions to our communities,” he says. “Congratulations and a huge thank you to all award recipients.”