Photo of Watercrest Park via Dallas Park and Recreation

The Dallas City Council on Wednesday could approve a $2.8-million bid to dredge a pond at the Lake Highlands Town Center.

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The pond is in the city-owned Watercrest Park and is managed by Dallas Water Utilities.

The city will pay $1.6 million from 2017 bond funds, and the Skillman Corridor TIF District will pay $1.2 million.

About 37,000 cubic yards of sediment are expected to be removed. It will then be left in a nearby staging area to dry out before being hauled off.

The goal is to return the pond to a more natural, creek-like state (it is actually part of the Jackson Branch creek). It will also address erosion under the Walnut Hill bridge.

This is a one-time dredging, and the TIF district has agreed that it will not fund dredging the pond again in the future.

The TIF district is paying $60,000 for a study to find ways to keep sediment from building in the pond, such as channelization.

The dredge is expected to start this spring, and it will take eight-10 months to complete.