The requested zoning change is at the shopping center at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Markville Drive. Courtesy city of Dallas.

A virtual meeting will take place 6 p.m. Sept. 13 for community members to learn about a zoning application in Lake Highlands along Greenville Avenue.

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The application requests a change in zoning that would allow for a liquor store within the shopping center located at the corner of Markville Drive and Greenville Avenue, 12101 Greenville Ave.

The applicants are Norina Properties, LP, and their representative Rob Baldwin with Baldwin Associates, LLC, will be available via Zoom to share details on the planned project and answer questions.

To join the meeting at 6 p.m., click here or follow the link from Councilman Adam McGough’s recent update on the event. For the full zoning application, look below or follow this link.