Photo by Robert Bunch

Any time a bird is in trouble, be it a beautiful swan or majestic bald eagle at White Rock Lake, a black-crowned night heron in a marshy bind, or a duck protector seeking guidance, Kathy Rogers is there. And while thinking The Advocate has written about Rogers on plenty of occasions, we seemingly haven’t mentioned her much since about 2015, a travesty.

Her Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at 1430 E. Cleveland in Hutchins is the nonprofit for injured fowl found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The digital magazine FYI50+ has Rogers on the cover and a profile on the inside.

“Every time we take a bird in not only are we helping the bird, we are helping the people who brought the bird in … and that’s very important to me,” Rogers tells author Robert Frankel.

I learned about the Center’s relationship to Honk the Goose, a story that launched a book, documentary series, a hundred TV stories and a popular Instagram account. Tear warning if you go down the Honk the Goose hole. I’m a mess.

Rogers reminds us, “anytime you find an injured critter, don’t just leave it.”

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