Writer Brian Ashcraft wrote a sake bible and recently won the 2021 Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

The 1997 LHHS grad lives in Japan and writes for Kotaku magazine. This is his sixth book based on some aspect of Japanese culture.

The Gourmand Awards give an overview of the best of food and drink around the world. Ashcraft’s book was listed alongside four finalists in the Best in the World Drink Culture category under Other Drinks: Spirits. The awards ceremony was held Nov. 29 in Paris.

There were other subcategories in the drink culture section selecting authors from 98 different countries and a food culture category with several subcategories.

The Japanese Sake Bible, which was published in 2020, delves into the history the history, culture and production methods of sake and the foods that pair best with the drink.

This isn’t the first drink-centric book Ashcraft has written, either. In 2018, he wrote a book called Japanese Whisky.

Brian Ashcraft, via Twitter

Above, Ashcraft tweeted a picture of Pelle Agorelius, the curator of the gastronomy books exhibition, holding the winning book. He stands right outside of Alfred Noble’s Swedish manor, which is now a museum.

Japanese Sake Bible was on display during the exhibition from Jun. 17 – Oct. 21 last year.