Avery Moore listens to LHHS students Priscilla Rangel and Barbara Raygoza

Dallas Assistant Police Chief Avery Moore has been appointed the new chief of the Tacoma Police Department. Moore was confirmed by the Tacoma City Council in December, and his mates at the DPD are hosting a sendoff for him Thursday.

Moore, who formerly led the northeast division in Lake Highlands, was on the shortlist of candidates for Dallas chief in 2020. He created the city’s school resource officer (SRO) program and frequently worked with youth in our neighborhood to build bonds of trust between law enforcement and the community.

“Let’s use the word respect,” Moore said at a 2018 youth summit with LHHS students. “Not only should you respect authority, but police officers have to respect people, whether you are a small child, elderly, teenager – it doesn’t matter. It starts with respect.”

In his first 30 days, Moore plans to “listen, learn and lead,” he told Tacoma’s NBC affiliate.

“You will never get rid of crime if you completely rely on the police department. Crime is everybody’s business,” Moore said. “It’s going to take involvement from everybody – local government, citizens and police department. We’re all going to work together on this plan.”

Avery Moore at a National Night Out in Lake Highlands

Robb Stewart, Avery Moore, former DPD police chief Renee Hall, Kathy Stewart