Milo. Photography by Jessica Turner.

One thing about Milo Butterfinger: He’s a scene stealer.

When Aimee Ives walks him with her 9-month-old baby, Isla, people say, “Oh, you have such a cute …”

“And I think they’re going to say ‘baby,’” she says. “But then they’re like, ‘ … dog.’ You have such a cute dog.”

Ives and her husband, Alan, got the Cavalier King Charles spaniel about two and a half years ago. The dog is obsessed with his very adorable human sister.

When Isla rolls on the floor, Milo will roll on the floor.

It’s cuter than a box full of kittens.

Milo is popular with the neighborhood kids, who call him “Baby Milo.”

“They draw him pictures and want him to come to their birthday parties,” Aimee says.

The Iveses, who moved to Lake Highlands about three years ago, have found their perfect pet sitter, Gabi, whose own Cavalier King Charles, Gertie, is Milo’s “girlfriend.” Aimee’s mom also has a dog of the same breed, Juju, who is Milo’s “BFF.”

He’ll perch on his owners’ shoulders like a parrot while they’re sitting on the couch.

“This is our usual work-from-home position,” Aimee says. 

He bellies up to the freezer door handle to beg for ice, which he prefers to be crushed. 

And he failed doggy daycare.

“We signed him up because he has lots of energy and I thought he’d enjoy playing with the other dogs,” Aimee says. “Turns out he likes people better and followed the worker around the whole time.”

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