The Gin Fizz is the most recent addition to RancH20’s four drink lineup. Courtesy RancH20.

RancH20’s cocktail lineup has grown by one this summer with the addition of the Gin Fizz.

The drink is “crisp, clean and brimming with effervescence,” RancH20 shared in a social post. The gin flavor, often recognized by a strong juniper berry flavor, is turned down in RancH20’s spirit creation by the addition of some ginger, the company shared.

The Gin Fizz joins three other RancH20 creations made with tequila and vodka: the Ranch Water, Classic Marg and Vodka Soda.

RancH20 began landing on shelves in 2020. The company is the creation of Lake Highlands neighbor Amelia Lettieri, who wanted to serve real-tequila canned cocktails.

RancH20′s canned cocktails contain 150 calories and are sold in four packs of 12-ounce cans.

Three Lake Highlands area stores currently offer RancH20 drinks, for those interested in getting a taste: