Neighbor Amelia Lettieri creates new line of canned alcoholic beverages. | Photo courtesy of RancH20 Spirits @ranch2o on Instagram

Ever tried ranch water? It’s typically Topo Chico mineral water, tequila and lime juice.

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Lake Highlands neighbor Amelia Lettieri founded RancH20, a canned alcoholic brand serving real tequila rather than low-alcohol seltzers like White Claw and Truly.

“To me, it’s not ranch water unless it’s made with tequila,” Lettieri told Dallas News. “We wanted it to feel like you’d walked away from a bar with a ranch water in hand.”

Lettieri and her husband tasted half a dozen, bulk sold tequila to find the best tasting one for their new product. They settled on a blanco, or white, tequila.

They use the same tequila in the canned margarita. They sell a vodka soda with a plan to release a gin fizz next year.

RancH20′s canned cocktails contain 150 calories. The Ranch Water and Vodka Soda is 7% alcohol content, and the Classic Marg is 6.5%. They are sold in four packs of 12-ounce cans for $13.99