White Rock Stables received a lightning strike during Saturday’s storm

Employees and horse boarders at White Rock Stables are scrambling today to recover from damage inflicted by Saturday’s storm. The stables were struck by lightning, and downed trees litter the property at Lanshire and Goforth near Flag Pole Hill.

Friends of White Rock Stables will host an all-day clean up Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. Volunteers with chain saws and strong backs are especially needed, and refreshments will be provided. Documentation will be available for students who need service hours and scouts seeking merit badges.

Amelita Facchiano, granddaughter of stables founder “Tex” Oddson Sr. and manager of the operation, says her team’s need for help began back when the tornado hit Dallas in 2019.

“We were hit by the tail end of extremely high winds,” says Facchiano. “Our equipment yard was blown into the park, and we lost more than 54 trees. One of the homes for our ranch hands was leveled, and it took out the roof and back side of the main farmhouse. Since then, we have struggled to stay ahead of repairs before the next Mother Nature event.”

“It took 8 men 6 hours to dig out the tractors so we could feed the horses,” recalls Facchiano of neighbors who saw the destruction and stopped by with their teens and lawn equipment to pitch in. “Another storm rushed upon us so quickly that we had horses standing in water up to the tops of their legs. This muck consisted of sewage, discarded chemicals and hazardous trash that can create diseases by being absorbed through the skin. Had the horse fallen due to the water pressure, they would have drowned.”

Facchiano says receiving aid from neighbors has been especially touching, since many surrounding homes regularly experience their own weather damage.

“When these storms hit, I know our poor neighbors that also front on Goforth brace themselves for high water levels that constantly flood homes and properties due to the inadequate water flow to White Rock Lake,” says Facchiano. “This is not a bash of the city, as they are also short-staffed, but we have tried to raise social consciousness on this issue for some time.”

White Rock Stables is at 8949 Lanshire. Community members participating in Saturday’s clean up may park along Lanshire or Goforth, sign in at the main gate and jump in with a team to rake, mow, week whack, dig drainage canals and replace fence posts.

“We feel so blessed to be part of Lake Highlands,” says Facchiano. “It is our intent to be here for a long time to come, and help LH continue to build upon the legacy we are all creating.”

White Rock Stables