The Dallas Police Department arrested 81 people and issued 43 tickets during a street-stunt crackdown Friday and Saturday.

Thirty people were cited or arrested at a staging site in the 1500 block of Cockrell Hill Road, near Walmart. Most of them were charged with “spectating,” which the Dallas City Council recently made illegal. A few were charged with evading arrest, and one was cited for illegally discharging a firearm. One person was taken to jail on a warrant.

Among those cited on Cockrell Hill were many teenagers, a few men in their 30s and two 41-year-old women. DPD listed the names of everyone arrested or cited in the crackdown.

Police also invaded ten street takeover sites in Victory Park, North Dallas, Preston Hollow and South Dallas, confiscating seven guns and towing 35 vehicles in all.

“One of the individuals has been arrested four times within the last year by the Street Racing Task Force,” a DPD blog post states. “The previous arrests include aggravated robbery, deadly conduct, spectating and evading arrest.”

A DPD patrol car hit with paintballs during a street-stunt crackdown.

Seven guns were seized.

Here is a synopsis detailing the gun crimes, via DPD:

  • At a takeover event in the 4200 block of Parry Avenue, officers observed two individuals firing assault rifles into the air and made an attempt to stop the vehicle they were occupying. However, the vehicle fled and a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit concluded with the individuals being arrested. Recovered were two assault rifles equipped with an illegal lower receiver which converts the rifle into a pistol.
  • Officers arrested an individual spectating a reckless driving event at 4100 Parry Avenue. The spectator was in possession of a stolen gun.
  • Officers working a takeover event in the 1600 block of W. Mockingbird Lane heard gunfire and observed individuals hiding between vehicles with an assault rifle and a handgun.

The locations of the intersection takeovers:

  • Inwood Road/Walnut Hill Lane
  • Central Expressway/Meadow Road
  • Olive Street/Nowitzki Way
  • Forest Ave./Botham Jean Blvd.
  • 2100 N. Stemmons
  • W. Northwest Highway/Technology Blvd.
  • 1600 Prudential Dr.
  • Royal Lane/Harry Hines Blvd.
  • Royal Lane/Inwood Road
  • 4200 Parry Ave.