A jogger was robbed on a dirt trail near Flag Pole Hill Tuesday

In January, Dallas police arrested three suspects in a string of cell phone robberies in Lake Highlands. Last Tuesday, another man was robbed as he jogged the dirt trail along Lanshire near Flag Pole Hill. Much like the previous cases, teens wearing hoodies wanted just one thing – Brian Sullivan’s cell phone.

“He put a gun to my head,” Sullivan told Fox 4 News. “I’m staring down the barrel of a gun. That’s probably the scariest part of this whole situation. A 16-18-year-old has your life in his hands over a cell phone.”

A witness called 911, but the two attackers escaped with a getaway driver.

In the previous Lake Highlands robberies, no gun was displayed but a man was badly beaten, and realtor Beth Arnold was injured. After the attack, she was in a hurry to get home and change her passwords to thwart electronic theft. DPD detectives explained the likely motive of her muggers.

“That’s not really their end game,” they told her. “They’re risking second degree felony charges just to sell your phone for a hundred dollars.”

Arnold learned about kiosks just inside WalMart which exchange cash for cell phones. Depending on the make, model and age of the phone, sellers can walk away with up to $200. It’s not clear yet what the Flag Pole Hill robbers plan to do with Sullivan’s stolen cell.

Police say neighbors using the extensive trail system in Dallas can enhance safety by following a few tips: walk or jog with a buddy or dog, don’t stop and become distracted by looking at your phone, and don’t jog late at night or on sections of dark trail.

Sullivan, who is training for an Ironman Triathlon, says he won’t let the robbery stop him.

“I will come up this hill again and I will do this run,” he told Fox 4. “Maybe not next week or the week after, but I will get back out here and I will do this.”