Crossing paths

Kelly and Jeff Adams couldn’t help but get together after crossing paths at several points in their lives. The LHHS ’78 graduates first met at Lake Highlands High School during Jeff’s junior year after he moved from Oregon to Texas. Kelly and Jeff went on to both attend the University of Texas, and they even had a night at the hospital together when Kelly cut her toe on nickel beer night. Kelly needed to get stitches and could only have one person accompany her. The doctor pulled Jeff in. “I didn’t even really know Jeff,” Kelly says. “I just sat there and he held my hand while I got my stitches.” They crossed paths again after college when they discovered they worked in the same office building. They both had just gotten out of long-term relationships when Jeff asked Kelly to an Earth, Wind & Fire lawn concert. They were engaged within a year, and married within six months after that in 1983 in downtown Dallas. Kelly and Jeff’s shared experiences over the last 37 years have given them a lot of common ground, and it helps them remain supportive through their differences.

Fun fact about Kelly and Jeff: They are in several scenes of Ron Howard’s second movie, Cotton Candy, which was filmed predominantly at LHHS in 1978. “We got to play hooky most of the second half of senior year,” Jeff says.

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