Kelly Clarkson with Rebekah Black and Julie Fisk (in black)

Lake Highlands neighbor Julie Fisk delights in feeling scared and frightening others with her podcast, Haunted AF. She’ll share her creepy tales with a national audience on The Kelly Clarkson Show today.

Fisk and podcast co-creator Rebekah Black, the popular radio personality on KLUV’s Miles in the Morning, will chat with Clarkson about their podcast’s Halloween episode. Terrifying tales include a haunted farmhouse in Bardstown, Kentucky, a disembodied hand and a spooky British bungalow.

If you have a scary story, share it with Fisk and Black at The Kelly Clarkson Show airs in Dallas at 2 p.m. on NBC 5 Oct. 30.

Haunted AF podcast on The Kelly Clarkson Show