Three men robbed Lochland’s Food & Spirits

Lochland’s Food & Spirits was robbed by three men early this morning around 5 a.m.

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The three men wore hoods and masks as they used hammers to break into the local business.

“Barely holding on during the pandemic and in a few minutes these three thugs can wipe away all the work we’ve put in,” the restaurant wrote in a Facebook post. “Stay safe people- be vigilant & try to support local when you can.”

In late August, local business Primo Brothers was also robbed.

“These guys have definitely done this before & want the neighbors- both residential & businesses to have the heads up,” owner Cheryl Kenney says.

Very sad to report Lochland’s was robbed around 5:15am. Grainy pics- but may be able to recognize a piece of clothing?...

Posted by Lochland's Dallas on Saturday, October 24, 2020