Political signs have gone missing from neighbors’ yards.

As if 2020 hasn’t already been a whirlwind, a presidential election is coming up.

Republican or Democrat, neighbors have noticed their political yard signs are either missing or vandalized.

“Is it too late to go back to the days when we were blissfully unaware of our neighbors’ real beliefs?” neighbor Lucinda Simmons said on Nextdoor.

Neighbor Leigh Ann Brown said that her Biden and “Black Lives Matter” signs were taken from her own yard as well as neighbors’ yards.

Republican and Trump signs have also gone missing.

“I am 65 and grew up where our neighborhood had signs almost 50/50 dem and rep and we had barbecues and could all get along,” neighbor Randall Moore said. “I am a Republican and won’t put out a Trump sign because I know it will be taken away and car keyed.”

“I take my Trump and ‘Vote Republican’ signs inside at night and so far so good,” neighbor Cheri Swannie said. “Maybe that’s the solution for everyone.”

“Whoever is doing these stupid childish things, please grow up and stop,” said an anonymous neighbor. “Respect everyone’s right to visually support the candidates they choose. Whoever is wanting to publicly express their candidates’ support, perhaps post your legally conforming signage inside your home’s window, or maybe up high in your front yard tree. Regardless of your own personal political views/affiliation, everyone get out and vote! Every ballot matters.”