Susan Burt, Emily Gruninger, Heather Haskins, Becky Stevens and Carrie Breedlove at the LHWL home tour in 2019

Carrie Breedlove has been the wildly popular principal of Lake Highlands Junior High since she arrived in Richardson ISD in 2017. I hate to break it to you, Lake Highlands. We just celebrated her right into the top job at J.J. Pearce High School.

Word began leaking out about Breedlove’s new gig today as Pearce teachers tweeted messages of congratulations and welcome. Staff members at Pearce say they are doing a “happy dance” in anticipation of Breedlove’s arrival.

In 2019, Breedlove and LHHS’ Kerri Jones, then principal at Forest Meadow Junior High, spoke about the ways they cooperated to find optimal solutions for students and parents.

“We were passionate to find out what we were missing,” Breedlove told me, “so she and I and a couple of other principals went to Arlington together and both brought back ideas to our campuses and tweaked the program for our kids. That collaboration has continued.”

“Our kids are all going to LHHS one day,” said Breedlove, explaining the reason the two found ways to join forces rather than compete. “We want that to be a seamless transition.”

During her 3-year tenure at LHJH, Breedlove was good natured about serving the community. She donned an apron to work as a waiter at the Lake Highlands Women’s League home tour luncheon and packed her Rolaids to judge the LHJH chili cook off.

“I have never seen a community like Lake Highlands,” said Breedlove in 2018.

You may email your well wishes to RISD has not named a new LHJH principal.