Lake Highlands Trail extension

The Dallas City Council has approved a 2.5 mile extension of the Lake Highlands Trail to link it with the Lake Highlands Town Center and the White Rock Creek Trail. The city will use $5.7 million in federal funding to help pay the $8.3 million price tag and expects completion of the project by March of 2023.

The new 12-foot wide concrete trail sections will run from existing trail near the Fair Oaks Transfer Station through Harry S. Moss Park and along Arborside Drive. It will travel under Oncor power lines to Arbor Park, then run along Skillman and up Church Road. The trail will then split in two directions at White Rock Trail, linking with Lake Highlands Trail to the north and Lake Highlands Town Center to the south.

Concrete panel boardwalk under the Walnut Hill Lane bridge will keep the trail from becoming muddy after heavy rains, and sidewalk improvements from Arbor Park to White Rock Trail will keep users safe from motorists. Curb and gutter extensions will separate users from cars on Arborside and White Rock Trail, and a HAWK beacon will help pedestrians and cyclists cross Abrams near Scofield Church.

You can view a map of the full Dallas trail system here. More drawings and details are here. You can follow Friends of Lake Highlands Trail on Facebook here.