Neighbor Garrett Wingfield is a composer and saxophonist who is using his creativity, and probably boredom, to create a soundtrack to the pandemic he calls, “Handwashing Etudes.”

For this project, he asks friends from around the world to send him short videos of themselves washing their hands. Wingfield then writes compositions and records it, from home, with his friends to go along with the videos.

The importance of washing your hands for 20 seconds has been talked about since the pandemic began including which songs fit the time.

Wingfield’s inspiration came from those 20 second-songs, and he asked the question: “What if the handwashing made the song?” So, he started creating these movie-style soundtracks to the videos of his friends washing their hands.

“I’m following the rhythm of how their hands are moving and shaping an etude based on that,” Wingfield told Dallas Morning News.

His friends, fellow musicians, are also creating these videos with a rhythm so that Wingfield can create these etudes.

Wingfield also wanted to involve other musicians in the project to promote their social media accounts, including Venmo, so that they can get financial support.

“People are trying to reclaim the internet as a place for artistic commerce,” he told Dallas News, “because places like Spotify have taken that away from us.”

Check out his etudes here.