Who doesn’t love an adorable Disney duet? Neighbor and voice actor Chris Burnett shared a video of him and his son singing Lion King’s “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” on Instagram.

The Burnett family hosts a front yard karaoke every Saturday night since the pandemic started.

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“Most neighbors sit in their driveways and call out songs and my wife and I do our best,” Burnett says.

One video from Burnett’s Instagram included his rendition of Vanilla Ice while his two sons danced along. Neighbors throughout the block came outside to watch and listen.

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Music for the people! Weather cooperated this weekend for Corona Karaoke 3 and my crew brought its A-game. @vanillaiceofficial - respect to the anthem; got the whole neighborhood out of their lawn chairs. Shout out to my dad @capttranquill for the assist on the socially-distant camera-work! Just retired and he’s already an Instagram boss. And @jeburnett - keeping the block hyped up. Spread joy and stay safe! @somegoodnews - don’t make me beg please. #familykaraoke #coronakaraoke #safeathome #somegoodnews #micdrops #micdropsandflipflops #twins #twinning #twindad #menwithtwins #familyfirst #rap #freestyle #coronavairus #shelterinplace #familytime #loveyourneighbor #spreadpositivity #choosejoy

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Along with Burnett’s Saturday night karaoke performances, he’s created a heartwarming “Corona diaries” video on his Youtube channel, check it out.