Fox TV’s Masked Singer

If you’ve watched “The Masked Singer” on Fox TV, you’re familiar with the competition’s premise: celebrities face off against one another while costumed from head to toe to conceal their identity. Since the contestants are not known as vocalists, the fun is in discovering their hidden talents.

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With students stuck home during the pandemic, Merriman Park Elementary has picked up on the theme with an online version of the show coordinated by MPE music teacher Maggie Francis. She’s created MPE Masked Singer, and you can access the performance contest here.

The voting has two aspects, and, frankly, identifying the masked singers will be most fun for MPE students and their parents. The community can join the fun by voting for their favorite two contestants. Each week, contestants with the least votes will be unmasked and students will see if their votes were correct. The competition will continue until a singing champion is crowned.

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