Photography courtesy of Full Package Media

The streaming in the Reyes family home has nothing to do with music or TV but a man-made creek that runs through the backyard. The house on Meadowknoll is Claire and Paul Reyes’s fourth home in Lake Highlands.

“You do not find this very often in Dallas,” Claire says about the creek that runs behind their fenced yard. The family also enjoys the property’s man-made creek, which was built by the home’s previous owners, Bill and Rita Denton.

“They obviously took great pride and they built this awesome addition, a tiny guest house in the back,” Claire says. Originally a playhouse, the guest home now features a full kitchen, bathroom and laundry. “It has character,” she says.

In addition, the Dentons created a sunroom, where the Reyes have placed their Peloton bike, so they can work out while enjoying the outdoor scenery. 

The man-made creek took about two months and $32,000 to build. “My wife has a degree in horticulture, so we put in all kinds of plants and trees over the years,” Bill says. The Reyes now enjoy hens and chicks succulents, spearmint, miniature Japanese fringe, gardenias, dogwood trees, willow trees and hawthorns.

The Dentons also built a secret garden, complete with hot tub, sequestered behind a curved wall in the front yard. Pass through a flagstone patio and French doors to the master bedroom.

“We just love all the outdoor spaces,” Claire says. “This neighborhood is so friendly.”