Vector Brewing tanks

Lake Highlands has been watching neighbors Craig and Veronica Bradley build their brewery and restaurant in Lakeridge Village for months, and now an official opening date of April 7 has been revealed for Vector Brewing. In these final days, the family and Tommy Gutierrez, the brewer they brought with them from Lakewood Brewing, have been busy bees.

Brewing tanks have been installed and the crew has begun crafting beer onsite.

“We chose a nice, crispy pilsner for our first brew since it’s the kind of thing we like to drink after a long day of work,” Veronica shared on social media. “To say we’re elated is an understatement.”

They’ve also fired up the pizza ovens and finessed a few versions of their pizza dough recipe. The final creation will be perfect to share with your kids, your parents, a big group of neighbors or your spouse on date night, she says.

In this final 30 days before the crowds (hopefully) descend to enjoy the fruits of their labor, the Bradleys are assembling furniture, hanging big screen TVs and brewing enough beer to keep up with demand. They launched an online crowdfunding campaign, which raised $74,600 in its first week.

“After turning down investors for the last year and a half,” says Veronica, “we’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to others in the area.”

Vector is also hosting a job fair today/Wednesday and Thursday for full and part-time positions, including bartender, cashier, food runner, line cook, dish and kitchen prep. Interested parties may apply in person from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and 2 to 9 p.m. Thursday.

Vector Brewing is at 9850 Walnut Hill, Suite 405 in the corner.

Inside Vector Brewing