100 Women of Lake Highlands present a check to the Warren Center

100 Women of Lake Highlands kicked off their fifth year of giving Thursday night by presenting a check for $29,000 to the Warren Center. The grant puts the organization over the $500,000 mark for total contributions within the community.

The premise of 100 Women is simple. Busy neighbors join and accept just one obligation – to write $100 individual checks to charities selected at three meetings each year. Forerunner Mentoring was the group’s inaugural beneficiary, and a mix of deserving schools and agencies has collected funds over the past four years.

The Warren Center, created in 1968, provides resources and care to children with disabilities and their families. From personalized therapy sessions for kids to educational workshops for their family members and caregivers, the center works to equip and empower children and their families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities.

You can learn more about 100 Women of Lake Highlands here.

The Warren Center equips and empowers children with disabilities and their families