While the shooting Sunday afternoon at Dave & Busters over a stuffed animal sounded outlandish, the event that happened was very real and very frightening for the parents and children at the restaurant.

Many children were in attendance at parties when the fire alarms went off and patrons started shouting about an active shooter. One neighbor is trying to find the red-hared man who helped her son during these terrifying moments.

“From the minute I first spoke to [my son] Henry after getting him yesterday he told me about this man. His help was one of the last things that Henry talked about before going to sleep last night, too,” Courtney Black wrote in her Facebook post.

if you think you know the mystery man, described as middled-aged with red hair, contact Courtney Black through Facebook. The post has already had 111 comments and 266 shares.

Luckily, the man who was shot, Dr. Carlos Chapa, suffered non-life threatening injuries, posting a photo with a thumbs up on Facebook.

Dr. Carlos Chapa was shot at Dave and Buster’s Sunday