DPD’s graveyard of busted chairs

Most of the time, police officers from Dallas’ Northeast Division are on the go-go-go, solving crime and helping Lake Highlands residents. Last November, though, Exchange Club members realized the boys in blue needed some help of their own.

Office chairs at the substation were mismatched, worn out and busted. The group recruited a vendor to replace 50 chairs at cost and got to work fundraising.

Last week, Community Service VP Bill Boyd shared a project update on his Facebook page.

“Members of the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands toured their Northeast Station this morning and saw the new chairs we were able to give them with the generous support of our community,” Boyd wrote. “I love how Lake Highlands rallies around our first responders.”

If you’d like to support the great work of the ECLH, you may donate to the GoFundMe page here or contact President Gale Lewis at  president@lhexchangeclub.org.

DPD Briefing Room with new (and matching) chairs