Forest Meadow cheerleaders wrote uplifting message for the first day of school

The first day of elementary school can be difficult. It’s not just the Texas heat or the unfamiliar classrooms and teachers. Fitting in and making new friends are easier said than done. Sometimes you just need an encouraging word.

Enter the Forest Meadow Junior High cheerleaders.

One day before Thursday’s opening bell, the girls traveled to FMJH feeder schools to write uplifting messages in colored chalk on sidewalk entrances into the buildings.

“If it makes even one person happy,” said Lily Hollis, service and social chair, “it’s all worth it. Each and every student deserves some positivity as they begin a new school year.”

Students at Aikin, Forest Lane Academy, Merriman Park, Moss Haven, Skyview and Stults Road all seemed to enjoy the positive vibes.

“Smiles and stress are both contagious,” said Alli Truscott, another member of the squad. “I think our job as cheerleaders is to spread smiles.”

Vivian Liang was especially excited to return to Aikin, her alma mater.

“This is really a fun thing to do. I think they will love it,” she said.

The cheerleaders hope the positive messages will make the students feel loved, and they look forward to finding new ways to be encouragers – on and off the field.

“These girls are part of a community that supports even the littlest of people,” said Pam Truscott, a Kindergarten teacher at Merriman Park. “This makes me so happy.”

Members of the FMJH cheer squad are: Benita Arthur, Katelyn Austin, Abigail Beeson, Savannah Boll, Brooke Bouldin, Abby Dunson, Vanessa Egorah, Campbell Elliott, Olivia Etri, Lauren Goin, Lily Hocker, Lily Hollis, Sarah Hornung, Jordan Jacobus, Vivian Liang, Avery Marburger, Haley Pokorski, Audrey Reed, Charlie Schirato, Sam Sutton and Alli Truscott.

FMJH cheerleaders at Forest Lane Academy

FMJH cheerleaders used colored chalk to write inspiring messages