Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Lake Highlands neighbor Scott Goldstein served as a reporter at the Dallas Morning News, and that made him uniquely prepared for the 2016 Dallas police shootings. During the crisis, he advised former Mayor Mike Rawlings as the staff’s chief of policy and communications. A University of Maryland graduate, he moved to Dallas in 2006. After working at the Dallas Morning News, he worked as digital content editor for Baylor Scott & White Health before working with Rawlings. Goldstein accepted a position with the Dallas Regional Chamber as senior vice president for communications, marketing and events. Goldstein lives in Lake Highlands with his wife and two children. He is passionate about the Blackland Prairie Conservatory.

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Why journalism called him to Dallas:

I was in journalism school at the University of Maryland. It was 2006 and the Dallas Morning News had a couple of openings for its one-year program. I ended up getting a one-year internship that turned into an eight-year job.

How he transitioned from journalism to working with the mayor: 

I think it was smooth. I was ready to do something different. I didn’t miss being the one asking questions. Part of the reason why Mike Rawlings hired me is because of my background as a journalist. I was able to anticipate what journalists wanted to know. When the mayor and I would sit down before a big interview, he would always say, “All right, ask me some questions. What are they going to ask me out there?”

On managing the 2016 Dallas police shootings:

It was a horrible tragedy that hurt us all. Having Chief David Brown and the mayor working alongside one another and naturally stepping into their roles as leaders and bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the city was an impressive thing to witness. When something like this happens, it’s got the potential to tear any city apart, and we did the opposite. We came together.

About his new job:

The Dallas Regional Chamber is the ultimate convener of business and politics in Dallas and the region. The DRC’s mission is consistent with what Mayor Rawlings’ vision was for the city, so it just made sense for me to transition over there. They had an opening that fit my skills, and I think I can add value based on my experience at Dallas City Hall.

Why he loves our neighborhood:

It’s a great thing to have your kids grow up with other kids next door and across the street. The neighborhood ended up being the perfect place for us because it’s such a family-friendly atmosphere. There’s a mix of other folks who have lived there for a long time who I think are happy to see the neighborhood changing. 

On his daughter’s Lake Highlands education:

Blackland Prairie Conservatory is a school that has made her more empathetic and compassionate. The school preaches a level of freedom and creativity that’s probably uncommon for any school but particularly for 3-year-olds. She’s at one with plants, bugs, mud and rain when she’s there. She sees living creatures as living beings and I just think that’s a positive outlook to have for a young child.

Who he would like to dine with in a fantasy world:

Dirk Nowitzki or Barack Obama. 

His greatest influence:

My wife. She’s my closest advisor and the person I talk to the most about everything personally and professionally. Also, my parents because they’ve been supportive of me for whatever I’ve chosen to do with my career.