Cooper McGough

Maybe you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Feb. 20 or an important meeting at work, or maybe it’s your birthday and you’re meeting friends for lunch (shout out Mother). Whatever you have planned, 10-year-old Cooper McGough wants to make sure you arrive safely.

Cooper, a fifth-grader at Scofield Christian School, noticed an 18-year streak of Texas roadway deaths on Feb. 20, and he designed a science project to end the pattern. He doesn’t just want to create awareness, he wants to educate folks about safer driving and encourage commitment for keeping Texas roadways safe.

Cooper, son of Councilman Adam McGough and his wife, Lacy, spoke to Texas Department of Transportation Commissioners about the project recently. He asks participants to go online and click on “I’m With Coop,” committing to watch your speed, buckle up, yield and pray, never drive drunk and eliminate distractions. The sign-in takes less than 30 seconds.

Cooper speaks to TxDOT commissioners Alvin New and Laura Ryan

Cooper McGough steps on a block to speak to the Texas Department of Transportation Commission