Weltzin Mireles, 26, went missing Feb. 5.

Dive teams will no longer search White Rock Lake for a 26-year-old Grand Prairie woman who disappeared earlier this month.

NBC 5 reported that the search for Weltzin Garcia Mireles was suspended at 2 p.m. Monday. Three boats equipped with sonar technology, and officers searching on foot with metal detectors failed to find any sign of the missing woman.

Mireles and her 28-year-old boyfriend, Alfonso Hernandez, were reported missing Feb. 5 shortly after police filed a domestic assault warrant against Hernandez. The couple’s phones were traced to the lake, where Hernandez’s body was found Sunday.

Dallas police will continue to fly helicopters over the lake, but the dive team will only return if something is spotted, according to the station. Officers now plan to search areas between the lake and the couple’s Grand Prairie residence.

The couple has two children who were reunited with Mireles’ twin sister, Atziry Garcia Mireles, Sunday evening. They were placed in foster care during the search.