Lake Highlands Fourth of July (Photo by Carol Toler)

Instead of shooting guns into the air, celebrate at the Fourth of July parade. (Photo by Carol Toler)

What goes up must come down. And stray bullets are no exception. However you celebrate the Fourth of July, you may want to consider that celebratory gunfire (and fireworks) are illegal.

We’ve reminded you of this once, on New Year’s Eve in 2016, and the law has not changed since then. Shooting a gun into the air, albeit a dangerous activity, is a crime. Not only will you pay a $4,000 fine, you’ll also spend a year in jail.

A bullet that travels 2 miles into the air falls back to the ground at 300-700 feet per second. At 200 feet per second, it can break the skin or pierce a skull. In other words, a person hit by a stray bullet could be a goner. That’s a less-than-ideal way to die, don’t you think?

It’s probably also worth noting that police are in the midst of a no-refusal DWI initiative. If police suspect you’re driving while intoxicated, they can secure a search warrant for a blood sample, regardless if you decide to cooperate.

Now that we’ve reminded you of all the things you can’t do, here’s a few ways to celebrate the holiday.