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This time of year many of us start looking for camps and classes to keep the young ones’ minds occupied during those long, school-less summer days. But another generation has a plentiful pickings when it comes to learning and expanding their mental and physical fitness — the Richland College Emeritus plus 50 program offers computer classes, iPhone/iPad, Photoshop, genealogy, Medicare and Social Security and even classes on funeral planning.

It’s incredibly useful to learn about the emotionally abusive industry, the teacher Jim Bates told students at an information meeting last April. The “Free Funeral … or Go for Broke?” class, which begins in July, sounds absolutely fascinating. Bates “spoke briefly on natural (green) burial, home funerals, county burials, a body farm at Texas State University, tissue donation, and donating your body to a medical school,” according to a story in the school’s paper.

Students who are 65 or older and have lived in Texas for at least one year are eligible to take six hours of credit classes free (those mostly are in the fall). There are costs (usually $30-35 or so) for under 65 and non-credit classes.

Some of the most popular summer classes are physical education — exercise classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays in summertime. Professor Bill Neale told the paper a hot new sport, pickleball, will be a new part of the curriculum.

In July Emeritus plus 50 students can begin registering for fall courses as well.

See all classes, schedules and prices here.