Tim Cowlishaw, Tom Gribble and Matt Mosley. (Photo by Rasy Ran)

Tim Cowlishaw, Tom Gribble and Matt Mosley. (Photo by Rasy Ran)

Coincidence? We hope so. If you open your October Advocate, you will find our informative interview with the entertaining and witty sports radio star Matt Mosley, a Lake Highlands family man who at the time of publication co-hosted the afternoon show on ESPN Radio with Tim Cowlishaw.

Oct. 2016—Matt Mosley is just a regular guy, someone you might run into at the divey diner near a college football stadium, though he would probably be mic’d up and offering his game day analysis into the lens of a TV camera. The famous Lake Highlands resident, best known at the moment for his afternoon ESPN radio show alongside Tim Cowlishaw, grew up in Kaufman, Texas where he “starred in” basketball and tennis, he says. He went on to Baylor, the Dallas Morning News and made his way around the broadcasting and sports writing world until he became one of the industry’s most respected voices (don’t let his self-deprecating tone fool you) … FULL INTERVIEW HERE 

Sometime between sending our print magazines off to press and the time they hit the racks (your doors), Matt Mosley’s 10-year run at KESN-FM (103.3), also known as ESPN, ended, reports Sports Day DFW. “His latest contract — a one-year deal — expires in October. He and station management could not come to terms on a new agreement,” notes staff writer Barry Horn.

Both Mosley and Cowlishaw tweeted about our story and its unfortunate timing.


“Little did we know …” tweeted Mosley along with our photo of him (with coworkers Cowlishaw and Tom Gribble).

“If only chughesbabb could write as fast as she runs, who knows what might have happened,” tweeted Cowlishaw (For context, we had a conversation about running that didn’t make the article).

I replied that this is the curse of print publication.

I am grateful everyone has a sense of humor about this.

Mosley says he’ll be announcing his next on-air destination soon. Meanwhile he will continue to pen columns for the Dallas Morning News and Texas Monthly.