Lake Highlands High School hosted the RISD Bond Listening Tour Tuesday night

Lake Highlands High School 

A rumor was going around Lake Highlands High School students yesterday that a threat of violence had been made against the school, and principal Frank Miller addressed fears in a letter sent home to parents and students.

Good afternoon Lake Highlands  Parents, Guardians and Students

We had a number of students and some parents report hearing a rumor this morning about a threat made against the school. We have worked with Dallas Police to successfully identify the source of the rumor, and I want to confirm that there is no credibility to the rumor and that no safety situation exists related to school.

As a number of students had reported the rumor and it was spreading among students, I made an announcement at the beginning of third period this morning, letting students know that the rumor was false and no safety threat existed.

Thank you to our students who reported the rumor – it’s exactly the right thing to do if a student hears or sees something that concerns them.


Thank you for your support as we work to keep our students and staff safe.


Frank Miller

Principal, Lake Highlands High School 

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