Dallas County website

Dallas County website

Transportation, public safety, taxes, zoning, and education are woven into the fabric of our lives. The Dallas City Council and the Dallas ISD/Richardson ISD school districts are often front page news. Last year’s local elections for council seats and the school board generated neighborhood interest and activity.

Ok, put your hand on your Bible and answer this question: Did you know there is a County Commissioner race going on in Lake Highlands?

When voters go to the polls around White Rock in less than thirty days to cast a primary vote for their party’s presidential nominee they will also be presented with a choice for the District 1 Dallas County Commissioner.

District 1 encompasses 800,000 people, the County budget is $900 million and our Commissioner earns $132,000. Dallas City Council members earn $60,000. Geez, the Governor, our top state official, earns $150,000, not much more than a County Commissioner.

OK now, quick, who are the candidates?

If you’re stumped, don’t feel alone.  When asked what the County Commissioners do and who they are, people will mumble something about Parkland and John Wiley Price. That’s about as far as it gets. Maybe

Well, here is primer for an engaged electorate.

The current District 1 Dallas County Commissioner is Dr. Theresa Daniel. She is a Democrat first elected in 2012 and running for re-election against two primary opponents, Ryan Minyard and Regoberto Cortez. The lone candidate in the Republican primary ballot is Steven Rayshell. The Advocate has reached out to each candidate and will be providing some insight into their respective campaigns over the next week.