White Rock Creek Trail at Walnut Hill

White Rock Creek Trail at Walnut Hill

This makeshift memorial stands under the Walnut Hill bridge along the White Rock Creek Trail, a couple miles from White Rock Lake. A few hundred feet away is a small white cross.

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The crosses memorialize David Stevens, the 53-year-old man who was randomly and violently killed on an October morning as he jogged near a Lake Highlands park.

Though he was not well known among the neighborhood running community, running club members held services and expressed shock and grief over the loss of a like-minded soul on a trail they had traveled so many times.

The situation became sadder still when, a few days after Stevens’ death, his wife took her own life. Before that, however, she reportedly worked with those who wanted to help honor David Stevens’ life to raise money for a commemorative bench and plaque in his name.

A local attorney who was touched by the story and the makeshift memorials under the bridge told CBS he was motivated to follow through with plans to make that permanent memento a reality.

He says he hopes to have the new $1400 plaque and bench installed within the next few weeks.