Conor Puckett's website

Conor Puckett’s website

Two brothers. Four months. One 2,650-mile hike.

Conor, 22, and Mason Puckett, 20, both Lake Highlands High School graduates, embarked on the hike of hikes last summer from the Washington-Canada border through California to Mexico.

Conor, the instigator of said hike, documented the entire journey on the blog — all from his phone.

“It’s been a journey for all of us living vicariously through all of them,” says his dad, Pete Puckett.

“Less people have finished the PCT than have climbed Everest,” Conor points out, and although most people hike this trail, called Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), from Mexico to Canada in six months, the Puckett brothers did it “the hard way” from Canada to Mexico in 4.5 months.

So why did they do it?

“I’m hiking for me. To figure me out,” Conor explains. “Throughout my high school and college career, I have gone through crippling self-esteem issues, moderate depression, felt true loneliness and struggled with the relationships with those closest to me.”

He has high hopes the journey will help him grow ‘‘into who I am supposed to be.”

Months before the hike, Conor graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in mechanical engineering. The time between school and his first big job seemed like an ideal time to take a soul-searching journey. His parents insisted he take a companion, so he roped his brother, Mason, who is a student at Texas State, into his coming-of-age tale.

They started at the end of June and wrapped things up in early-November.

“They’ve had a great time, but it hasn’t been without its … you know, just imagine two brothers,” Pete says. “But they haven’t killed each other, yet.”

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