Courtesy Dallas Police Department

Courtesy Dallas Police Department

Police have identified the suspect in a beating death that ended at neighborhood Doctors Hospital. Now they are trying to find him.

Authorities say 47-year-old Fransisco Landaverde-Garcia died in early October at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake.

Investigators determined that 22-year-old Christopher Bateman, pictured, is responsible for the assault and injuries that ultimately killed Landaverde-Garcia.

The altercation between the two men reportedly occurred in late September at an East Dallas Texaco over a $5 debt, according to an affidavit. One witness, the gas station clerk, and a surveillance video observed the beating. The suspect allegedly bragged to the clerk about the assault and threatened to do it again.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed this week that the head trauma endured in that September assault was the cause of Landaverde-Garcia’s eventual death.

The wanted man, Bateman, is 22, black 6’2 and 175 pounds.

Anyone with information regarding this homicide should contact Detective P. Trujillano at the Dallas Police Homicide Unit, 214.671.3584.