Katy Perry with Lisa, Cole, Hannah and Jeff English

Katy Perry with Lisa, Cole, Hannah and Jeff English

Get ready. You are about to have a new favorite musical artist.

Merriman Park Elementary 4th grader Hannah English is back from Puerto Rico and her visit with pop star Katy Perry. The award-winning singer of hits like Roar and Firework spent a full hour with Hannah, mom Lisa, dad Jeff and little brother Cole backstage after the family attended Katy’s Prizmatic concert in San Juan. Hannah, diagnosed with leukemia in 2013, was surprised with the weekend trip by Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.

Lisa says Hannah and Katy were engaged in “girly” conversations about hair, makeup, costumes, songs and dances, while kindergartener Cole frequently broke in to tell Katy knock-knock jokes. (Katy asked “who’s there?” and laughed, says Lisa.)

Before they said goodbye, Katy took the scrunchie out of her own hair and gave it to Hannah. “You may not need it now,” she said, “but you can wear it when your hair grows out.”

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