Wikimedia commons photo

Wikimedia commons photo

Lakeridge Shopping Center at Walnut Hill and Audelia keeps getting cooler.

A shop specializing in comic books, collectibles and trading card games will open at the southeast corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia — this news comes on the heels of Lake Highlands Creamery announcing its new storefront in the same strip.

Frontrunner Comics will join Atomic Pie, Offshores Nextdoor, Wildcat Automotive and Urban Thrift in the Lakeridge Shopping Center in mid-August, says co-owner Andrew Johnson.

Johnson used to be a partner at aforementioned Urban Thrift. Now he’s “moving on to another local venture,” he explains.

He and Frontrunner partner Baxley Beckham live in the Highland Oaks neighborhood of Lake Highlands.

“We are hoping to help bring more local business to the area and provide a place that some of the neighborhood junior high and high school students — and their parents — will enjoy frequenting,” Johnson says.