Bbbop Seoul Kitchen at Greenville and Lovers is a cozy space known for its fast-casual, Korean rice bowl concept. Although it recently opened a new location on Lowest Greenville and it’s planning another in Oak Cliff, the location on Upper Greenville is the original and it’s also the “experimental” space, according to co-owner Steve Shin.

This is the space where the owners first tried out their rice bowl concept, which wasn’t well received until they Americanized it. Bbbop created several bowl choices, including a build-your-own option, and designed a sauce station where guests can choose from several sauces (half of which are gluten free).

The plot twist: once bbbop became popular, guests wanted a more traditional choice, similar to what bbbop originally served, so the restaurant reintroduced the “Old School Bop” as one of its many bowl alternatives. Aside from rice bowls, you can also fill up on tacos, curry fries, egg rolls or the Krispy K Wings. The Upper Greenville location is also where bbbop introduced its first set of custom-made tabletops, which are each decorated with an art technique that allows designers to transfer print designs onto the wooden tabletops. Bbbop is now using the same ink-transfer technique in all its restaurants. Why change a good thing?

bbbop Seoul Kitchen
5323 Greenville
Suite #5


Price range:

Mon-Sat: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Sun: closed

Did you know? Bbbop uses locally source vegetables, and the names and addresses of the farmers bbbop partners with are listed on its window.