How to drive in snow: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

How to drive in snow (don’t): Photo by Danny Fulgencio

First, some tips for driving in the snow, because some of us obviously need them. I’ll add two:  1. if you’re driving now, stop looking at your phone and focus on the road. It’s too late for you now. May God have mercy on your soul. 2. Stop taking pictures of the snowy/icy roads and accidents and posting them to Twitter/Facebook while you are driving on said snowy/icy roads.

On days like today, don’t you think fondly about your mail carrier? Maybe you should — the Morning News looks at one local postman. As the saying goes, Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

According to one research study, Dallas ranks among the highest economically segregated cities in America.

And in how-did-I-not see-this-sooner items, there is a video of the Wildcat Wranglers from Lake Highlands performing at the New Year’s Day Parade last month in London; they are adored there. Listen and watch as one of the obviously American spectators (a parent, perhaps?) yells out, “Watch where you’re stepping” a couple times before a quiet off camera voice says, “don’t worry — they are wearing cowboys boots. It’s what they are for.” Then we see that the Wranglers are boot-scootin’ amid large piles of manure. Next time, the Wranglers should demand to go before the horses. As always, a classy group of kids and the routine, perfection.