In 2005 decorated food writer Alan Richman of GQ went on a quest to find the 20 best burgers in the United States. He dined at 95 joints and consumed 162 burgers. In the end, only one Dallas burger joint landed on the list — Keller’s. And it didn’t just make the top 20; it made the top 10.

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Keller’s no. 5, a $2.89 double-meat burger with a Thousand Island-style “special sauce,” found a fan in Richman, even though it was a bit overcooked for his medium-rare taste. He described the no. 5 as “made exactly the way hamburgers were back when drive-ins first appeared” and said Keller’s was “the best drive-in I’ve ever seen, and I try not to miss many.”

If you’re especially inclined toward that special sauce, ask for extra and Keller’s will slather it on the bottom and top buns. You’re welcome.

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